Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ava: 10 Months!

Officially in the double digits! I just booked her first birthday party venue, and it's becoming real that the number of days that I have a baby in the house is quickly dwindling. Here are some updates:

  • Signs "all done" - which often is mistaken for waving "hi!"
  • Puts her hands to her face when we say "oh no!" 
  • Loves to play peekaboo!
  • Starting to really recognize and want to interact with her friends! it's the cutest thing to watch them smile and reach for each other! 
  • Her favorite toy is any toy Leah is playing with
  • Favorite food: everything she's allowed to eat!
Ava: You are really on the move now, and you love to climb up on everything. Leah has been helping us keep an extra eye on you. She's also really good at telling us when you have a poopy diaper, which seems to be pretty often. :) Even though it can be exhausting carrying you around, making sure you don't hurt yourself, or feeding you fast enough, your big smiles and gentle demeanor make it all worth it. I seriously never get tired of your smile. Happy 10 months! xoxo, Mommy

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy 2015!

Oops, 3 weeks late! Is it already mid-January?? I think the holidays along with my parents anniversary wiped me out, and I've been in recovery mode. Here are some photos over the past few weeks.

Snow day at Kidspace! Photo by Joy Cho

This year we've had 4 new babies join our lil' group! (1 not pictured) Photo by Bob Cho
Checking out the new Tomato Pie in South Pasadena
No wait at the Din Tai Fung at South Coast Plaza!
We had a very cool opportunity to film a commercial with the whole family!
Warm days in LA calls for some frozen yogurt at Menchie's! Photo by Bob Cho
Her new trick: "Oh no!" Photo by Bob Cho
Spending the MLK holiday riding ponies and trains. 
She loves her sister so much!

I hope everyone is off to a great start in 2015!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

My parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today. What an amazing accomplishment! My parents have been through many ups and downs, and through it all they have been able to stay committed to their faith in God, marriage and family. We had a small party for them with family and close friends, and it was a joy to be able to see my parents so happy. A few of my cousins shared memories about my parents, and the overall theme of the speeches was that the strength of their marriage has kept not only my immediate family together but also our extended family. 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for providing us with a wonderful example of what is a successful marriage. I pray that my own marriage and family will follow in a similar path. We love you! Happy Anniversary! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Ava: 9 Months!

We're celebrating Ava's 9 month birthday today! She continues to grow leaps and bounds, and she's also so much more interactive. This has been a really fun month. Here are some updates:
  • Climbs up steps
  • Another 2 teeth came in - making a total of 8!
  • Waves "hi!"
  • Gives kisses
  • Starting to get the concept of clapping
  • Said her first word - Ma ma! woohoo!
  • Signs "more" and "milk"
  • Had her first hair cut! One side of her hair was growing significantly longer than the other side, so we evened it out. 
Ava: What a month this has been! Everyday you seem to accomplish something new, and sometimes I have a difficult time keeping track. Even though you aren't saying words, I feel like we have conversations with each other because you are so engaged and reactive to what we say. You have started to give the sweetest kisses now, and even though they are often wet and booger-y, I can't get enough of them. I can't believe you turn 1 in just 3 months, which means I need to start planning your birthday party! AHH! Happy 9 months, my dear! Love you so much! Mommy

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Finally... all our stockings together!
Helping trim the tree!

Testing out the new hula hoop.
Opening stockings at Po-po and Gung-gung's.

Testing out her new scooter

Chewing on more presents.

Christmas has come and gone! It went by so fast, but we pretty much had a month long celebration. Here are some pics over the past week or so. This month was filled with traditions, family, friends, food, giving and receiving of many gifts, and most importantly remembering the birth of Jesus. Leah really got into Christmas this year, and I'm pretty sure she'll be really sad to see it go. Ava just tried to eat all her presents. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday celebration with your loved ones!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Foodstirs: Brownie Cupcakes

Leah finally got the chance to bake her Foodstirs kit with my mom. She had so much fun and loved every second of it. She has been really into helping Matt and I in the kitchen, so she wanted to be actively involved in every single step. The first kit in our series was the Brownie Cupcakes. They were so delicious! We ate them with a scoop of ice cream, and they didn't last long! We're looking forward to our next box!

Remember you have until 12/31/14 to get $5 off using the code KELLYKRONICLES! Happy baking!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ice Skating in Pershing Square

We took the metro to Pershing Square in Downtown LA to take Leah ice skating. I was a little nervous about whether she would even go on the ice, but she was fearless! She stepped right onto the ice and didn't fall once! She was done after about 15 minutes.  I don't blame her. It takes a lot of work for those little legs to go around twice! Afterwards, we walked across the street to eat a little snack and sip on some hot chocolate at the Biltmore Hotel. The hotel is so beautiful during the holidays. Such a fun little morning! I highly recommend checking it out if you're in the area!
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